What is Black Image Center?

Black Image Center is a community photography space in Los Angeles founded by six young, Black photographers and producers. BIC was born out of the racial uprising in 2020 when we were seeing massive amounts of Black pain depicted by white journalists and photographers, Black Image Center seeks to equip Black people with the skills to share our own diverse narratives. By holding space for people to cultivate photography and storytelling skills, we are reminding our community that we know exactly who we are.

Is Black Image Center an art gallery?

No, it is not! BIC is a community photography space, designed to uplift and empower Black people to tell their own stories. We host photography workshops, lectures, and educational events with the intention to build up LA’s Black creative community, and we also operate a sliding-scale photo studio.

Can I have my event at Black Image Center?

You can send us an email with your event pitch at info@blackimagecenter.org, but please note our maximum capacity is 50 people so we are unable to host medium to large-scale events.

How can I stay up to date on Black Image Center’s workshops and events?

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Can I pitch programming to Black Image Center?

Absolutely, send us an email with your pitch at info@blackimagecenter.org

How can I support Black Image Center?

Click here to donate to Black Image Center.