Black Image Center HQ Grand Opening

The Black Image Center team is excited to announce the opening of our brick and mortar space! Please join us for our grand opening Saturday May 28, 2022. From 10am to 10pm, we will have a wide range of programming all day – from workshops and food to portrait sessions, live music, and free film. RSVP here. To sign up for a tintype portrait with Adam Davis, click here.


  • 10am-12pm: Children’s quilting Workshop 
  • 12pm-2pm: Adult Quilting Workshop
  • 2pm -7pm: Tintypes with Adam Davis
  • 8pm-10pm: Live music with Summer Breeze, Chrysalis, and Babyxsosa


We are located at 3209 LaCienega Ave (not Blvd), Culver City just west of West Adams.

*Limited parking, ride sharing is encouraged


We are delighted to be hosting two community quilting workshops, facilitated by artist and educator Kern Samuel. The children’s quilting workshop is from 10am to 12pm, and the quilting workshop for adults is from 12pm-2pm. Quilting workshops don’t require any prior knowledge about quilting or sewing. To learn more about Kern Samuel, who will be teaching our quilting workshops click here.

BIC is honored to partner with Adam Davis for tintype portrait sessions. A tintype is an image that is directly made onto a thin sheet of metal coated in light-sensitive enamel. This method of photography was introduced in the 1850s, and dramatically decreased the cost of image making in comparison to the popular daguerreotype method. That being said, it was still typically wealthy, white people who had access to having their photo taken. Some of the earliest images of Black people were taken with tintypes, through the white gaze in the context of scientific study and experimentation. Adam is currently reclaiming the medium through his project, Black Magic and according to him, “if well preserved, these images can last forever. Over the course of this project, the goal is to create a body of work showing the spectrum of Black expressivity as artifacts.” To learn more about Adam Davis and his Black Magic project, click here. To sign up for a tintype portrait with Adam, click here.

We will have food catered by Bootsy’s BBQ, first come first serve. To learn more about Bootsy’s, click here.

Black Image Center will be hosting live music with Summer Breeze, Chrysalis, and Babyxsosa on the night of our grand opening. To learn more about each of the artists, click on the images below.

BIC Grand Opening is made possible by our friends at Converse.